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About us

Our skilled ensemble of seasoned traders and AI maestros have crafted Immediate Connect, a trading platform that stands unmatched in precision and swiftness.

At the heart of Immediate Connect, we're a vibrant blend of dedicated minds from diverse global backgrounds, united by a singular vision - sculpting the next era of trading.

Immediate Connect’s brigade is on a mission to redefine the trading landscape, harnessing the formidable might of artificial intelligence. Our conviction is strong: When the savvy of veteran traders is fused with cutting-edge technology, the result is a trading platform characterized by unmatched precision, agility, and returns on investment.

Our spirited team, hailing from various corners of the globe, contributes a rich tapestry of insights. With unwavering determination, we continually embrace the frontier of AI and finance innovations. By synergizing human acumen with machine brilliance, we aim to offer a trading journey that’s nothing short of groundbreaking.

Sept 2021

Company inception

Immediate Connect was born from the vision of revolutionizing the trading sphere, leveraging the transformative potential of artificial intelligence.

Jan 2022

Achieved $5m in capital

Immediate Connect successfully raised $5 million, facilitating the platform’s evolution and paving the way for team augmentation.

March 2022

Beta rollout

The beta rendition of Immediate Connect was unveiled, offering users the opportunity to navigate the platform and relay valuable feedback to our development crew.

Nov 2022

Product's worldwide debut

Immediate Connect took its groundbreaking trading tech to the global stage, signifying a monumental stride in our ambition to reshape the trading paradigm.

Elevate your trading game

Unleash the power of modern trading with Immediate Connect. Harnessing the synergy of artificial intelligence and vast data sets, we're revolutionizing how you trade. Navigate the markets with confidence and accuracy like never before.