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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 08/18/2023

At Immediate Connect, we place paramount importance on the protection of your personal data and maintaining your privacy.


This Privacy Policy serves as a guide to enlighten you on how we manage, gather, store, and use the data you provide while interacting with our website (hereinafter addressed as the “Website”).


We pledge the following commitments to you:


Clear Insight into Your Data Management:


We are firm believers in granting you complete awareness, enabling you to make knowledgeable choices about your personal data processing. Our goal is to furnish clear, concise, and timely information about the management of your data.


Should there be an imperative need to provide specific details to you, you can trust us to communicate them at the most opportune time and manner.


For any questions or clarity, we’re here to provide assistance within the bounds of the law. Please connect with us at


Handling Your Data Strictly as Stated in this Policy:


Your personal data may be processed by us for various reasons. These range from facilitating your access to our Website, heightening user satisfaction, refining our offerings (including the Website), defending our legal and business interests, undertaking administrative and business activities that amplify our service delivery, fulfilling legal or regulatory mandates, and deciphering your preferences and requirements.


Honoring Your Data Rights:


We are unwavering in our commitment to ensure you can fully practice your rights regarding your personal data. Feel free to contact us anytime you wish to inspect your data, seek modifications, request deletion, restrict its use, or transfer it to yourself or another entity. Rest assured, our actions will remain within the legal framework.


Securing Your Personal Data:


While absolute security is elusive, we promise to employ a comprehensive array of protocols to fortify your data.


Our Comprehensive Privacy Policy


1. Scope of the Policy:

This document outlines the nature of personal data we collect, and its management, application, protection, and more.

In this context, “Personal Data” relates to any information associated with a discernible individual. This could be someone identifiable either directly or when combined with other data we can access.


The term “processing” encapsulates any action on personal data, from its collection and recording to erasure or destruction.


Our offerings are not aimed at individuals below 18 years. We don’t consciously amass data from or permit access to those under this threshold. Upon identifying data from a minor, we act swiftly to eliminate it.


2. When Do We Gather Your Data?

Your data comes into our purview when you engage with our offerings, browse our Website, or communicate with us. Sometimes, you actively provide this, and at other times, we procure it by studying your interactions.


3. Voluntary Data Sharing and Its Consequences:

There’s no compulsion to provide your personal data. However, withholding might hinder our service delivery, curtail your Website experience, or affect our Services and Website’s operations.


4. Data We Collect:

We record data during your Website visits, including online activity, device specifics, and more. Some might not be personally identifiable.


Also, we capture data you voluntarily disclose when reaching out.


Furthermore, we amass data you purposefully give for forwarding to third parties, like your contact details.


5. Reasons and Legal Foundations for Data Handling:

Your data is utilized for pre-defined purposes, strictly abiding by the relevant legal bases.


We handle your data if there’s a legitimate legal cause. This could be:


– Your explicit consent for data processing for certain intents.

– Aligning with our or a third party’s genuine interests, such as enhancing our services or managing legal disputes.

– Legal mandates we need to adhere to.


You can always contact for insights into our data processing objectives.


| # | Objective | Legal Justification |


| 1 | To distribute your information to third parties when asked by you | Your specific approval

| 2 | To handle your questions, demands, or grievances | Justifiable interests upheld by our Company or an external party

| 3 | To adhere to legal requirements or court/administrative directives | Mandated by law

| 4 | To enhance the quality of our offerings | Justifiable interests upheld by our Company or an external party

| 5 | To deter deceitful or inappropriate utilization of our offerings | Justifiable interests upheld by our Company or an external party

| 6 | To oversee and bolster supplementary functions of our offerings | Justifiable interests upheld by our Company or an external party

| 7 | To execute data studies, encompassing numerical assessments | Justifiable interests upheld by our Company or an external party

| 8 | To defend the rights, possessions, and welfare of our brand and third parties | Justifiable interests upheld by our Company or an external party


6. Sharing Your Data:

We may share your data with third-party entities, including cloud storage providers and analytics companies.


On your directive, specific data might be shared with third-party trading platforms. In such cases, your data is governed by their privacy terms.


Additionally, your data might be distributed among our affiliates and collaborators to elevate our user offerings.


Your data might be divulged to official bodies, local councils, or regulatory agencies, and for protecting our and third parties’ interests and rights.


Lastly, in scenarios like potential acquisitions, mergers, or similar transactions involving Immediate Connect or any entity within its fold, your data may be shared.


7. Cookies and Partner Integrations

At Immediate Connect, we sometimes utilize third-party integrations, which might include analytics services or advertisement providers on our platform. These services might deploy cookies or similar technologies, governed by their distinct policies.


Cookies are tiny text files stored on your device during your visit to our platform. They help us understand your preferences, optimize your experience, personalize content, and gather statistics.


Some cookies are transient and last only until you close your browser, whereas others persist on your device, aiding our platform in recognizing you during subsequent visits.


The cookies we deploy are categorized as:


| Type of Cookie | Purpose |

| – | – |

| Essential Cookies | Vital for site navigation and accessing certain features |

| Preference Cookies | Recall your preferences on subsequent visits |

| Analytic Cookies | Aggregate statistics to enhance platform performance |


You can alter your browser’s settings to refuse or delete cookies, but this may affect the functionality of our platform.


Online Tracking Notice: Currently, our platform doesn’t respond to Do-Not-Track signals.


8. Personal Data Retention

Immediate Connect retains your Personal Data as long as it’s necessary to serve the purposes highlighted in this Policy, or longer if mandated by legal, regulatory, or policy requirements.


We consistently review our data to determine if any can be deleted, ensuring that no data is kept beyond its utility.


9. International Transfer of Personal Data

Your Personal Data might be transferred to countries outside your residence or to international entities. During such transfers, Immediate Connect ensures robust safeguards are implemented to protect your data and offer enforceable data rights.


For those in the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure:


– The destination has the EU Commission’s approval for adequate data protection.

– Transfers are executed based on binding legal instruments.

– Transfers are in line with standard protection clauses endorsed by the EU Commission.


To inquire about our data transfer safeguards, email:


10. Data Security Protocols

Immediate Connect employs necessary technical and organizational precautions to ensure your Personal Data’s protection. Despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of online data transfers, and there’s some risk associated with transmitting Personal Data over the internet.


11. External Links on Our Platform

Links to third-party platforms or apps might appear on our site. We don’t control these sites or their data handling practices, and they’re not governed by this Policy.


Before interacting with these platforms, we recommend reviewing their respective privacy policies to ensure your data’s protection.


12. Updates to This Policy

Occasionally, we might amend this Policy. When we do, we’ll notify you on our platform and use other communication methods when significant changes occur. Updates become effective once posted on our platform.


13. Exercising Your Data Rights

As a user, you can inquire about your data, access it, request changes, and limit your consent for certain processes.

EEA residents can exercise the following rights by emailing us at

Right to Inquire

You may seek verification if we’re handling your Personal Data. If we are, you have the right to access such data and obtain further details, such as the reasons we process it, the types of data, to whom we disclose it, and how long we retain it. Should we acquire the data not directly from you, you may inquire about its origin and if it’s used for profiling. If any data transfers occur outside the EEA, you can ask about the protective measures in place.

Copy Provision

You’re entitled to a copy of the data we’re actively processing. While the first copy is free, subsequent copies might be subject to a charge. If you prefer an electronic format, we’ll supply the data in a widely recognized digital format unless another format is requested.

Right to Amend

Should you find any discrepancies in your Personal Data, you’re encouraged to request necessary corrections. Based on the reasons for our processing, you can also ask to fill in any partial data.

Right to Delete

You can seek deletion of your Personal Data in particular scenarios. This right is not absolute, especially when we need the data for legal reasons or for defending legal rights.

Limit Processing Right

In specific situations, you may ask us to limit the use of your Personal Data.

Right of Data Transfer

We allow you to ask for your Personal Data in an organized, universally accepted, and digital-readable format. You also hold the right to forward this data to a different entity, under certain conditions.

Right to Disagree

You have the freedom to oppose our use of your Personal Data when done on the grounds of legitimate interests by us or another entity. This includes opposing its use for promotional activities.

Consent Reversal Right

At any moment, you can retract your approval for data use, which won’t influence the legality of processing done before the retraction.

Right to Protest

If you have concerns about how we handle your Personal Data, you can register a complaint with an EU regulatory body.

Your rights might have certain limitations based on EU or Member State legislations. We’ll address your requests promptly, ideally within a month. If there’s a delay, we’ll provide the reasons.

We typically handle your requests free of charge unless they’re evidently groundless or excessive.

For identity verification purposes, we might request additional details, especially if there’s ambiguity regarding the requestor’s identity.